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Every Product of our industry are design perfectly. We give the innovative look with compression of other industry.To make significant contribution to sustainable development by working towards the reduction of carbon footprints locally and globally by harnessing & channelizing solar energy to provide high-tech energy solutions.


Faults happen. Rely on the power of our patented algorithms to accurately detect and diagnose faults, failures or under performance. You can count on the support of our team of experts to help you restore your system to its potential. Smart monitoring to make the most of your home energy

R & D Projects

We are discover the way to make energy more less cost effective.for this vision we are trying to increase efficiency of the electricity.we are implementing new and innovative design of mounting structure that took less area compression to current area.

Fast Support

Our Services are very fast.Every member of our staff is well trained and has enough information and power to make those small decisions, so he never has to say, "I don't know, but so-and-so will be back at...".Whatever the extra step may be, we take it, since we want to provide good customer service, We are sure that people will notice when an extra effort is taken and will convey the same to others.

Our Products

Portfolio Item 1

Solar Street Light

inbuild, Lithium-ion Battery,Solar Pannel, LED
Portfolio Item 3

Type-1 :Mounting Structure

Solar Mounting Stucture For 2 Kw System
Portfolio Item 4


Solar Multi Purpose Stall
Portfolio Item 5

Invest In Green Energy

Help in climate change
Portfolio Item 7

Roof-Top Grid Connected Solar System

Under Net/Gross-Metering
Portfolio Item 8

On-Grid Solar

Roof Top

About Us

Company Background

Soylent Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. established in the year 2017 is an innovative and highly technical enterprise with focus on tapping the inexhaustible Solar Energy to provide constructive and Innovative practical solution of solar energy for an evolving market place and to empower mankind by siphoning off the nature's gift offered in abundance.
The company boasts of advance quality test equipments, skilful employees, excellent service and professional management staff.
Mr. Vikash Kumar Srivastava is the founder of this company.he is very energetic, prograssive and decision making youth. he has over 3 year experience in solar energy field. Round the corner and moving forward, the unlimited energy from the Sun will be the only practical answer to face the daunting challenge. Hence, the pre-eminently reputed Soylent Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. focus on the inexhaustible Solar Energy, started compiling constructive, Innovative and laudable practical solutions of solar energy for an evolving market place and life by siphoning off the nature's gift offered in abundance. Soylent Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.not only excels in putting up various solar powered lighting systems, but also excels in installing SOLAR POWER PLANTS of capacity ranging from 1KW to 1MW.
We provide: State-of -art technology, high quality, highest efficiency and innovative solar power technology solutions all over India with our message;
We believe in the BEST SERVICE AFTER SALES".

Our Skills

  • Research & Development Projects 90%
  • Solar Off-Grid Systems 75%
  • Biomass Energy 85%
  • On-Grid Solar Projects (Roof Rop) 95%

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We will handle Sourcing, purchasing, Inspection, Shipping arrangement, Customs clearance and delivery at your door step!
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M/s Soylent Green Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Bhgwanpur Post- Moharipur Dist-Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh INDIA. Pin-273007
+91-080-095-77-525 +91-9307815760 info@knewurja.com
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